Water Heater And Its Working

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Water Heaters: How They Work Inside

Electric water geysers generally have  one or two heating devices. They can present either on the bottom of the tank or the other in some other different level. In some water geysers, the upper element can be detected if surrounded by some water and immediately shuts off. This provides the safety as well from burning.

A gas water heater is equipped with a burner. A pilot light is also fixed at the bottom with a chimney that extends up through the water stored in the tank. Some of the gas heaters have a spiral style heat exchanger which are used to keep the combustion gas for longer inside the tank.

Some water geysers have one anode  rod also or sometimes  two. These anode rods are for some chemical process and cut down the corrosion in the tank.

The tank has also a long dip tube inside it that reaches from top to bottom and circulates the cold water coming into the tank towards the heating device. If somehow the dip tube breaks, the cold water present in the tank starts moving without having being warmed. Thus, you will be unhappy with the results.

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Working Factors Of Heaters

Power Source

Another factor that comes into play is your power source. Most American homes use either electric or natural gas for home utilities. A far smaller percentage use oil or propane gas.

Another factor on which this process depends is the power source. Most of the families use either electric or gas for these home utilities. A very little percentage also uses oil or propane gas.

Many water heater appliances come with different brand’s name. We have many water heater producing companies like AO Smith, Bajaj and Crompton etc.

Electric Models

Energy saving electric water heaters can heat water efficiently, but they have higher energy costs since your electricity is more costly than natural gas. Now, some eco-friendly electric models are a little bit costly to purchase but they really cut down energy consumption. This will reduce your monthly bills as well.


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