Microwave Oven And Its Features


In a matter of seconds a day, microwave stoves have ended up being one of the true blue parts of every family. They are known as one of the best overhauls of today’s nearness. If some individual will buy another microwave then they should think of some as central parts that should be accessible in a microwave fire sear. Check here the microwave oven reviews.


Some fundamental parts of the microwave oven are:-

1)   Functions

Firstly, you should appreciate that there are basically 2 sorts of microwave stove that are standard microwave and a convection microwave. A standard microwave is used where you require clear warming of sustenance however, on the other hand, a convection oven plays out the operation of fire cook, microwave and convection.

2) Size

A size moreover changes in two unmistakable sorts, for instance, reduced and worked in. Minimized is all things considered a versatile microwave grill which can be set wherever in the kitchen. For light cooking and warming reason, we require a minimised size microwave stove. Worked in microwave stove, of course, is inborn into the cabinetry. They give you both the decisions to fire searing other than crucial cooking.

3)   Capacity

The motivation behind confinement of a microwave grill is delineated as the measure of sustenance that can be a cook in a microwave stove. There are microwave fire sears open in the market as medium cutoff stove and monstrous most remote point stove. A medium breaking point fire cook is gainful for a medium size family i.e. a get-together of 4-5 people while a liberal size stove is proposed for cooking endless suppers. In far reaching limit grills, auto-cook parts are well known that can help you with serve unimaginable measure of food.

4) Power Consumption

The truth is that a microwave with higher power cooks speedier regardless it is in like way veritable that higher power here and there may recognise over-cooked support or impacted sustenance. Thusly, orchestrate control use is required for cooking dinners.

5) Price

The essential issue while picking which microwave to buy is the cost. The over the top microwave grills can’t be gotten by the working environment class family at any rate they other than requiring it accordingly, there are a wide grouping of brands open in the market that serves you microwave stove at a prompt cost. In this way, before procuring any microwave you essentially need to encounter the pricelist of microwave stove in India.

Check out the top 5 Micromax 4G LTE Mobile Phones under 10000 INR!


Micromax has launched some cool smartphones in the market, here your will find top Micromax devices those are popular now a days. The company has always in the rumors for its cheap and cool smartphones. It is a good brand and if you are planning to buy a phone under 10000 then go through the article and view best Micromax phones under 10000 with its complete specification, price and features.  You may just like to view some of the best micromax mobiles under 5000 INR which covers some exciting devices as well.


1)         Micromax Canvas 5 E481

Micromax Canvas 5 lies in the range of 7500 – 10500 at different shopping stores. This is an android 4G smartphone, comes with Android version 5.1 (Lollipop). It has Octa Core, 1.3 GHz processor, and 3 GB Ram. The Screen Size is 5.2 inches, and the rear camera quality is 13 MP and front camera quality is 5 MP. It has 2900 mAH, Li-Polymer battery. It is a Dual Sim Smartphone, the internal memory of this phone is 16 GB which can be expanded up to 64 Gb.The weight of this phone is only 143g, so it is a lightweight smartphone. You can buy this smartphone from various shopping store, it is easily available online stores too.




2)         Micromax Canvas 4G Mega

As from the name indicates it is a 4G Smartphones, which comes with android version 5.1 Lollipop. It comes with Quad Core, 1.3 GHz processor, 3GB Ram, 5.5-inch Display Size, 13 MP Rear camera with flash and 5 MP front camera. It has 2500 mAH, Li-ion Battery. It lies in the range of 6000 – 8000 INR. Internal Memory is 16 GB and can be expanded up to 64 GB. You can buy it for Large Display, Excellent Configuration, and Generous internal memory.




3)         Micromax Canvas 6 Pro

Micromax Canvas 6 pro is a 4G Smartphone, It comes with Android version 5.1 Lollipop. It comes with stylish features in this range. The processor of this phone is Octa Core 2 GHZ and RAM of this phone is 4 GB. The internal memory of this phone is 16 GB and can be expanded up to 64 GB. It is one of the best Smartphone in terms of specifications.


4)         Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G Q413

It is the most popular smartphone with 2 GB Ram, It lies in the range of 6500 – 7500 INR. It comes with Android Version 5.1 lollipop. It has the quad-core, 1GHz processor. The phone has 5.0-inch display, Rear camera of this phone Comes with 8 MP with LED Flash and the front camera is 2 MP. It has 2000 mAh, Li-ion Battery. You can buy it for the low price, decent camera, good configuration, impressive storage capacity, and Gorilla glass.




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5)         Micromax Canvas Mega 2

It is one of the low budget smartphones with the largest display around 6.0 inch. It has Quad Core, 1.3 GHz processor, and 1 GB RAM. The Camera Quality of this phone is also good, it has 8 MP Rear camera with LED Flash and 5 MP Front Camera. You can buy it for Great Battery that is 3000 mAH, Li-ion, largest display, and nice main Camera. It lies in the range of 6500- 7300 INR.



Check out the finest reasonably priced smartwatches for every wrist


It is a point of major concern that we should not talk while driving or while charging a smartphone but people do that often. Smart watches are a solution of that problem as with a smart watch you will stay connected with the family and friends and you need not carry a smartphone every time when you need to talk, you can accept or reject a call while driving with a smart watch, you can play a music player through a smart watch of yours. Smart watches are much more than that a simple time telling machine for many different reasons.

From the safety of view also it is good to have a smart watch although it is not very popular in the Indian market but gradually it’s getting attention and results as a demanding device in the market especially with various different best cheap smartwatches that are trending on various e-commerce stores.

Stay safe and connected with smart watches

Asus Zenwatch 2


Image Source:

It has two variants for size, first with the display size of 1.45 inches and a resolution of 280*280 px and another with the 1.63-inch display with the resolution of 320 *320 px. Further, it has Snapdragon Qualcomm 400 SoC with the combinations of 512 MB RAM. It has an internal storage space of 4 GB. When it comes to the battery power the smaller version of the smartwatch has 300 mAh battery powers while the bigger version has 400 mAh battery powers. It will cost you around 15000 INR in the Indian market.

Sony smart watch 3


Image Source:

Next in the list is Sony smart watch 3 with a rectangular screen display. It is a little costly as compared to some of the smart watches in the Indian market. Sony Smartwatch is packed with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, it has 512 MB RAM in the smart watch with the internal storage space of 4 GB. It also includes some connectivity options like USB, NFC, and Bluetooth v4.0. It has a battery backup of 420 mAh which will last up to 2 days. The sony smart watch is compatible with the Android 4.3 or later. This smart watch accepts the gesture, Voice commands, and touch commands as of inputs to the watch. It is a waterproof device with the price tag of 12700 INR.

Samsung Gear


Image Source:

Samsung after the success of smartphones now evolved in the field of smartwatches and opted a name as Samsung Gear (series). It is now running a self-made OS which has a name as of Tizen , a compatible device with Samsung smartphones. The Samsung Gear includes a series of smart watches like Samsung Gear, Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gera fit, Samsung gear neo 2, and Samsung Gear Live. It is amongst the best smartwatches around and will cost you in the range of 8000 to 23000 INR in the Indian market.

There are m any more options in the category of smart watches, you can also go for Apple Watch 2 if you have a high budget and you really want a device with good performance and some face time along.

Water Heater And Its Working

water heater repair

Water Heaters: How They Work Inside

Electric water geysers generally have  one or two heating devices. They can present either on the bottom of the tank or the other in some other different level. In some water geysers, the upper element can be detected if surrounded by some water and immediately shuts off. This provides the safety as well from burning.

A gas water heater is equipped with a burner. A pilot light is also fixed at the bottom with a chimney that extends up through the water stored in the tank. Some of the gas heaters have a spiral style heat exchanger which are used to keep the combustion gas for longer inside the tank.

Some water geysers have one anode  rod also or sometimes  two. These anode rods are for some chemical process and cut down the corrosion in the tank.

The tank has also a long dip tube inside it that reaches from top to bottom and circulates the cold water coming into the tank towards the heating device. If somehow the dip tube breaks, the cold water present in the tank starts moving without having being warmed. Thus, you will be unhappy with the results.

Click here to check Top10 Water Geysers Review.


Working Factors Of Heaters

Power Source

Another factor that comes into play is your power source. Most American homes use either electric or natural gas for home utilities. A far smaller percentage use oil or propane gas.

Another factor on which this process depends is the power source. Most of the families use either electric or gas for these home utilities. A very little percentage also uses oil or propane gas.

Many water heater appliances come with different brand’s name. We have many water heater producing companies like AO Smith, Bajaj and Crompton etc.

Electric Models

Energy saving electric water heaters can heat water efficiently, but they have higher energy costs since your electricity is more costly than natural gas. Now, some eco-friendly electric models are a little bit costly to purchase but they really cut down energy consumption. This will reduce your monthly bills as well.


Basic Salon Products to start low budget salon business!

To improve the business of your salon you need some ultimate products that will help you grow your business. If you are into the salon business or planning to start a business a business soon as of salon or some kind of parlor then you may need some of the products that will help you in providing better services. Some of the basic products that are required for the starting of a salon business are:-



Image Source: –

Hair dryer:-

Hair dryers are basic and most required product in the salon as after the hair cut or hair wash this is the product which is required to get the proper styling and look. To make it more bouncy after every hair cut, hair dryers are the products that are required for the same.

Portable shampoo bowl:-

Portable shampoo bowl is another product that is required as a basic need in the salon. With the portable shampoo bowl it is possible to move it at your desired place with ease and its height adjustment setting will allow you to serve the customers with different height. It also fit to the neck and provides comfort to the customer while relaxing his shoulders, neck and head. With the drain hose pipe you can easily remove the used water. Check out more about shampoo bowls at softmobo’s blog here.


Mirrors is the basic and first requirement inside the salon as every salon customer is coming for some grooming service and he or she wants to see the changes in looks and appearances immediately. So you need a mirror on either sides of the walls front mirror to see the front face or hair cutting or something else while the back mirror to see the hair cutting on the back side mirror.

Flat / curling irons:-

If you also entertain the customers that are coming for the hair styling then you may also need the flat iron if your customer wants flat and straight hair style while if your customer wants to have curls then you may need the curling iron to style the hairs accordingly. So basically, Flat and curling irons also required for the salon business.

Hair care and skin care products:-

Hair care and skin care products are also required in the salon business. If you want to improve your business and increase your sales in the salon business then you need some good products in the category of skin care and hair care as these  two are most demanded categories in the market and customers do need some alternative to take care of their skin and hairs in their busy lives.

Things that Amazon Caters at your Service that you didn’t know

Ever since 1994, has arrived to provide several thousands of items all over the world. These days the online market remains one among the best shopping sites on the internet with almost $90 billion in yearly sales. It also has progressed to present exceptional features, from unique discounts and several shipping options to services such as a gift registry.

The loyal Amazon customers, as well as the new shoppers with a strong curiosity in fetching the best bargains, take note. You might be losing out on certain extra ways with which you can save even more on Some of those less-known services catered by to its customers have been provided below that can definitely help you save your hard earned cash.


Two-Day Shipping

The Amazon Prime provides several features, but in all probability, the most well-liked is free of cost two-day shipping of products. A lot of the 200 million products on are entitled under this delivery service, which is a sure shot aid for the shoppers that are in need of a fast gift or those who are not capable of reaching a store to shop for themselves.

More facilities for Moms

Moms are very busy women. Amazon identifies this and has set up Amazon Mom, which is a facility that offers additional savings exclusively for the Amazon Prime members. Amazon Mom gives away free two-day shipping on a large array of merchandise, 15% baby registry completion concession, 20% off on diaper subscriptions, early access deals and much more.

Gift Registry

Shopping on the internet is so very trendy today that the future spouses are snapping their gift registries online at It also offers baby gift registries for the future moms. Amazon provides a 10 percent completion discount on several products in a registry. In addition, information about the particular event can be further added to the top of the registry. A derivative of Amazon’s registry service is the ‘Wishlist’ tab on its website that permits the users to compose lists for the birthdays of kids, anniversaries, family gatherings, and even more.

Make Way for Handmade

Forget others and make way for the handmade products at Amazon. This comparatively new area of is the exclusive shop for all the homemade commodities and goods. These items also comprise of the used and renovated products.

India’s Best Induction Cooktops



Taking a step forward towards new advanced technology for changing the traditional methods of cooking, induction cookers have been introduced.

  • For preparing food in many households, induction cooker is a fast and energy efficient method for cooking.
  • The fast working of these cookers is making them one of the most popular
  • They are also very safe to use as they do not have any flames to cook food. Thus, due to their flameless nature, the induction cookers cannot get turn on without any metal pan or cookware.
  • They are made for those people who want a perfect smart kitchen as induction cookers have many inbuilt features and love neatness because induction cookers can be very easily cleaned.

India’s top 5 Induction Cooker are featured below in the video.


The heat generating capacity of gas cookers is same as induction cooker and also used more as compared to induction cookers, still, induction cookers are a better option for cooking in many ways. Some points are listed below:

  • The induction cookers are very fast as compared to the gas cookers because of their multiple inbuilt features. Their speed is seriously mind blowing.
  • The induction cookers are also very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Induction cookers are highly used by chefs because of their energy efficient nature.



The distribution of heat directly to the cookware makes induction cooking much better. It’s fast and efficient nature provides the best cooking results. The heat directly reaches the base of the metal pan or cookware. The heating element made of electromagnet generates the current when comes in contact with the surface of induction, which further generates heat.


The induction cooktops are classified into three different categories, based on their size, nature, and quantity offered.




They are installed on kitchen counter top. They are generally flat sculptured ceramic glass unit. In this category, different layouts are available from single to five zones. Their location can be set according to your convenience.




The induction of this category is available with different layouts, zone count, and zone size. They also offered as a combination of electric as well as induction zone.


The convenience and versatility of this category induction are priceless.  These induction stoves are primarily available in black or white. They are available in single as well as a double unit.


Buy Bean Bags Within 2k

Bean bags are large cushions filled with the polystyrene beads and are used as a seat. There are many bean bags available in the market. Bean bags differ in their quality and price. There are many bean bags in the market which you can get at a low price yet of the best quality.

bean bags

Bean bags are also available at Rs. 2000. If you are finding difficult to find good bean bags at an affordable price, you can just check the ones I mentioned below.

There are many bean bags within Rs. 2000 available in the market. I have collected some of them. I hope you will like to see them before going for purchase.

List of Best Bean Bags

  1. Comfy Bean Chair XXL Size Net Black Filled with Bean Filler Rs. 1,799

This bean bag is specially meant as an alternative to the traditional seating. This is not only a comfortable seat but also enhance the style of your home. It has a supportive back panel and seat rest making it the most fought-over in the house. You can use this bean bag to sit while playing games on the computer while watching TV while reading and much more.

This bean bag is comfortably compatible to all adults in all shapes and sizes. This bean bag returns to its original shape through its piped seams. The smooth and faux leather makes it more comfortable than the normal arm-chair.

This chair is thick to carry and fits in anywhere in the house. It is also easy to maintain and enhance the decor of your home. This bag is also easy to clean. Therefore, get this bean bag today itself and enjoy its comfort.

  1. Comfy Bean Bag XXL Size Brown Filled with Bean Filler Rs. 1,599

Bean bags are in great demands of every home these days. You probably should also have one. The bean bags are the best choice for many because it can be fitted anywhere in the room. It can also be carried comfortable and handled easily. You can also use it to support your aching back or to install your child in front of the TV. You can turn it, twist it and toss it around the corner.

This bean bag is flexible enough to be adjustable anywhere in the house. This is just perfect for your visitor’s comfort rather than the wooden chair. You can also use it as a decor to your room. Get one of this today and make your home look more beautiful.

  1. Comfy Bean Bags Football XL Bean Bag with Beans (Black and Red) Rs. 1,299

The Comfy bean bag comes in 4 different sizes. They are available in more than 50 different styles, textures, and colors. This bean bag can be of many uses. You can use it to comfortably sit on it while watching TV or while chatting with friends and family members. This bean bag will also uplift the style of your room.

This leatherette modern style bean bag is best in style. This item has six months warranty. The black and red comfortable bean like seat will surely take you another comfort zone. Get this bean bag now and get as many as different uses.

  1. Comfy Bean Bag XL Size Black Brown Filled with Bean Filler Rs. 1,199

This Comfy bean bag is a beautiful one you will like to have in your home. This bag is a flexible furniture piece. This is best for visitors and friends coming to your home. You can comfortably lean on the bag anytime. It is just another item to give you comfort and make your home beautiful.

It can be easily carried anywhere and also can be fit in anyplace. From the corner most to the center, you will simply love this bag. Replace this comfortable bean bag with the hard and rough chair you have in your home; you will naturally feel delighted.

  1. Story@Home Jumbo Giant Bean Bag, Set of 2 (Blue and Black) Rs. 1,299

This big giant bag features a high back and deep base. It brings in the ultimate comfort and support for everyone. It is made up of faux leather which provides extra comfort. It is great to sit upon while watching movies, reading books or even relaxing in the noon.

This bean bag also fits in great with the interior design of your sitting room. It is the biggest bean bag available in the market. You can have it all yourself to enjoy its comfort. This is a long lasting bean bag which will be one of your favorite once you get it to your home.


Bean bags are made for the extra comforts in your home. Get one of this bean bags within Rs. 2000 and bring the comfort to your home. Decor your sitting room and upgrade your interior design and style of your room with one of these bean bags.

HD Video Downloader App for Android

Are you looking for an HD video downloader application for your Android Smartphone? Most of you would have wondered how to have an HD video on your Smartphone. HD video downloader app can certainly solve your problems for downloading all the latest and old videos for your Smartphone.

hd video downloader

To download HD videos from this application all, you need to have is an internet connection, because this app will let you download only the streamable videos from the internet. To download the HD videos from the internet, you won’t be charged, as it will be free of cost.

 About HD Video Downloader

This application is newly updated on June 27, 2016. For the best compatibility, it requires Android 2.3 and the last top most versions. The report of this application is flag as inappropriate. This application is recently developed by 1533 siksa-dong, ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

It has been noticed that most of the customer have already installed and use for their Smartphone, found 50,000,000-100,000,000 people using around the globe. If you download this application today, you will get the latest version that is 1.3.9c version

How to download HD video downloader on your Android device:

It is very easy to download and use this application on your Smartphone. It has to be noticed that millions of users have already downloaded and installed for their phones. To download this application all, you need to do is have a proper knowledge about downloading the apps from the proper location. Then certainly you will be able to download the video for free in your Smartphone.

  • First, you will need to visit Google playstore in your phone.
  • You will need to search from the Apps categories.
  • Then you will have to type the source name in search box.
  • You will have lots of list rolling down the screen, where you will have to find the proper HD video downloader application.
  • Now you can open the file and click on the download option.
  • After downloading the application source, you will need to install that app on your device.
  • After the installation, you can open, and now it is ready to use.

How to download HD video on your phone:

  • First, you will need to select one of your favorite videos from the internet browser, that you want to watch.
  • Then select the video you want to download, and you will find an option HDV Downloader.
  • After the download process is done save the source to your drive or sd card and enjoy the video.
  • Before downloading the video never forget to check the video quality that comes up with the internet such as mpg, 3gp, mp4, Avi, etc. This are are the following option that you can choose your video format.

Features of HD video downloader

  • The best features of this application are it can download a multiple of videos at a time.
  • It is also very fast and clean.
  • You will have the option to share and play the video in the application.
  • Please note, check the source before downloading the HD videos, because sometimes the copyright video may not support.

You don,t have to worry all about downloading HD video from the internet browser with this application. All you need to do is install HD video downloader on your Android device and enjoy its features. If you do still have related queries, please do comment us, we will assist you with your problems.





Best international shopping sites


Looking for international shopping sites? Need help?

On this article I’ll be providing you with all the names of popular international shopping sites that will help you purchase things from outside the country, you will be able to use things which are imported from other countries. Isn’t the thing you want guys? So read this article to know the sites that will deliver your products at your door.

  1. is an international online shopping website where you can order number of products from clothing to electronic gadgets. It also gives discounts on products occasionally. So you can order various things even furniture on this online shopping site. And it has a very user-friendly interface. You can choose your products by clicking on the options given on the side of the page where products are variously categorized. You may search for the products by its colour, gender etc. You can make a secure payment on this shopping site. You can make the payment after the confirming the delivery and it has multi payment methods such as credit card payments or bank transfers [T/T]. And if you have made the payment while right after ordering your product but your product is not delivered to you within the tentative days then the entire full amount that you have paid for your product will be paid back to you.


If you are looking for a big store to purchase various products at once amazon is the best option. It has a big store with varieties of products and it delivers your products within a short period of time.  If you are in India then you can look for the site by typing You will find all sorts of products on this site from accessories to kitchen supplies. Types of payments you can make on this site are Cash on delivery, Credit card, Debit card, Net banking. And it provides the customers with free shipping for order above Rs.499. and if you have any problems with the size, colour, product etc you can return the product free of charge.


It is an online shopping and auction site where you can buy as well as sell products. Ebay store consists of all sorts of things that you need for example it has Electronics Products, Clothings, and Home Furniture to Kitchen Materials. Payment methods via Credit card, Debit card, Credit card EMI, Cash card or Online bank transfers


 It has all sorts of products in its store such as Home appliances, baby products, Clothing, Electronics gadgets, Fitness, Shoes, Toys etc. So from this store you can purchase anything according to your requirement. It provides International shipping of products so you can order from any part of the world and order the products. You can make payment via Credit card.


This site mainly for selling handmade or vintage items and also sells factory products. The items on its store consists of clothing, jewellery, food, beauty products, and even arts and photography so it’s a quite big store consisting of all types of items and many people use it as a platform to sell their handmade items. You can use Credit card, Etsy Gift card if you have one, Debit card, Google wallet, Apple Pay etc.